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I am not defined by one particular set of skills, nor a type of personality. I am a designer and developer, and have worked as one for about 15 years now. Right now, I am part of the incredibly talented team at Compellon as well as a consultant for  Omega Ortega (we’ve done some pretty amazing things together, you can read one particular story here). I have worked on large desktop applications for financial corporations, to e-commerce websites, to mobile gaming, to designing tattoos.

I have a wonderful and phenomenal wife, Jessica, and I am the proud father of my beautiful daughter, Adrianna. They are amazing in every aspect possible.

CrossFit and judo are two sports I have become active in as well. They have become a hobby and has been extremely gratifying in keeping me moving towards goals, as well as applying the mental attitude toward other aspects of life. Something else that many people may not know about me. I have been a part of Green Education, Inc.‘s board of directors, as well as working for the non-profit 21st Paradigm for close to 10 years.

I also consider myself a bonsai enthusiast, as well as a craft beer freak. However, given my current crossfit status, the paleo diet won’t allow me to sneak it in. Doh. Say “Hi!” You can find me on:

Omega Ortega’s Hackathon team

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