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Vanessa from 21Paradigm sent me a postcard to let me know that she has released her newest DVD for her pursuit in helping the Earth, and it is entitled “Permaculture“.

This timely documentary offers practical steps on how to ‘permaculturize’ our lives. It invites viewers into a permaculture community that spans the globe. Most importantly, it gives the critical inspiration needed to turn our backs on that which is failing us, and to create a sustainable future of our own making.

I will see if I can get a video clip of it up.

Also, Vanessa and her movement really need help funding her “Africa Burning” Project. If you would like to help, please email her or she uses Paypal. Here is a clip of her Africa Burning Video:

Good Luck to Vanessa, she is a wonderful person trying to do the best she can for our world!