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6/6/09 Anthony Tanaka reaches the 30 year plateau. Shikes.

What have I learned thus far?

1. “I can’t help anyone unless they are willing to help themselves.”
So true this line is, as you can help a person so much with whatever issues they are dealing with, however, if they are not wanting to positively run in the direction you sent them in, then they are just going to make the same mistake constantly, over and over.

2. “Fatigue catches up on you.”
Just 5 years ago I remember being able to stay up all night and day to get things done. Now? Pfft, I am lucky if I make it to 1AM.

3. “Lakers are still the best team in the NBA”
Need I say more?

4. “Work hard for a purpose, and not just working to work”
This is super hard, but to keep your eyes on the prize will help you keep a clear direction of where you want to be. However, to not get caught up with making a lot of money, or working for just stability is something extremely hard to steer clear of as well, if it isn’t getting you anywhere. I had a goal to hit 7 figures by the time I was 30, obviously that hasn’t happened.

5. “When it comes to work the client’s are always right, sometimes.”
This one has stung me once or twice. Keep as much documentation as you possibly can throughout working for someone. When they try to weasel their way out of payment, and then make a big stink about it when you catch them in a lie, be prepared to walk away if the fight isn’t worth it.

6. “Dwelling on past issue, probably won’t help you to move forward”
Not unless you are Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’/

7. “Set goals, where do you want to be at in 5 years?”
This is rough but very effective. 5 years may seem a long time now, however, its a goal, and setting points of interest as goals within 5 years can be very attainable if you work hard, and don’t set ridiculous goals (ie. if you are female don’t make it a goal that you will marry Brad Pitt, because it probably won’t happen, sorry I am not going to lie to you).

8. “Family is there for you, just watch out for the ones that don’t want to be.”
No comment.

9. “Stupid people are a fact of life, they maintain balance in the universe.”
I honestly don’t think they really do maintain balance, as the scales seem to be tipping more towards idiocy as the smart people with common sense are obviously outnumbered.

10. “Work harder, even when your tired.”
From The Game’s song (My Life): ‘And I’m grindin until I’m tired
Cause they said you ain’t grindin until you tired
So I’m grindin with my eyes wide, lookin to find
A way through the day, a life for the night
Dear Lord’

11. “Whatever hurts today will reinforce you for tomorrow”
The proverbial ‘what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’, as long as you aren’t taking steroids this holds true. Whether it be heartache from a breakup, a job or house that you lost, or you did poorly in school; be sure to keep working, and stop whining.

12. “Other’s first, You Last”
Need I say more? So many people don’t truly understand the word ‘selfless’. Never expect anything in return, do your best to improve everything and everyone around you. I have my own methods of ‘tough love’ and being blunt, however, looking out for someone else never goes unnoticed.

13. “Have conversations with the Elderly”
They have more experience then you (and no I do not count as ‘Elderly’)

14. “Set a better example for the youth, as they are watching you”
Whether you are a brother, sister, a good friend, parent, or simply coworker or a classmate, be sure to act appropriately. Young eyes are watching and if you give birth to bad habits, they will adopt them.

15. “Staying content with mediocrity never got anyone anywhere”
Raise your hand if you have bitched about your job, or where your life was at this point in time in the last year, and ask yourself if you have done something, or are going to do something about it. Saying that you are going to do something doesn’t count. As the little green guy from Star Wars (Yoda) put it best: ‘Try Not, Do or Do Not, There is No Try’

16. “Never get sucked into the company of bad peoples”
Whether it be friends that entice you to do illegal things or drugs, A bad relationship where you are constantly questioning yourself if your significant other is being faithful or true to you, or if it is irresponsible coworkers or family… My advice to you: Get Away. Surround yourself not only with positive people, but with people that are driven and never settle for anything less than the best.

17. “Respect yourself, as well as others.”
R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to you, because you are not respecting yourself, or those that you could possibly be caring for if you keep yourself in a bad situation, and all you do is whine about it.

18. “Loyatly”
Stay loyal to those that love you, and cherish you. Other’s that don’t and try to take advantage or hurt you, don’t deserve your time of day.

19. “The Celtics stink”
The 4-leaf clover team smells like a fire hydrant, just after a dog visited it, and did its duties.

20. “Priorities first”
Do I even need to get into this one? To simply put it: Your NEEDS of yourself and your family, far outweigh your WANTS.

21. “Don’t USE others to your advantage”
Unless of course they are A Tool.

22. “That I can’t type anymore so I am ending this list here… peace out.”

Time to make the next few years count.