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April 1st, 2005. I became a victim, potrayed as a court jester, a harlequin by my good friend, Tommy O’Connor. At the time, Tommy and I were working together, and always traded emails back and forth on new clients. It was a prank so heinous that I cannot put into words how badly I had been April fooled.

Tommy proceeded to post his undertakings onto a  (then) popular designer forum (his username was iDp). I was ridiculed, and scorched harshly for being interested in the music of a mainstream band, as well as lashed by sharp tongue (deservedly) about how taken I had been by Tommy’s  maneuvers. It felt like being overwhelmed, attacked by people like  a gang of hipsters charging into line for the newest iPad or a flannel scarf.

I will post the screenshot of his deeds below, and just remind Tommy, that was a very good prank, taking advantage of a man in his weakest hour (had a night out drinking before for my Sister’s Birthday, and was recovering).

Read more from the screenshots below. Many years have past since, although I have not retaliated, I want Tommy to know thatI will never forget, vengeance is coming.


Tommy’s Post:
His Post on how I responded: