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So far pretty cool, lots of nice stuff going on with the Flash Platform. Obviously the big pushes here at MAX are for Flex/Flash and AIR. Some new tools were announced today, and they showed a much better demo of Flash Catalyst (aka Thermo) then the one that had been demo’d at 360|Flex. We even got a free trial of it, as well as the next version of Flex Builder (4 -Gumbo).

We ran into Cliff Hall yesterday, as he has helped us with PureMVC on a large project in the past, as well as spent some time speaking with Peter C. at Ribbit. Need some ideas for an app using the froggy’s stuff.

Attended Marc’s session on E4X.

Dinner was at some Italian restaurant that I couldn’t remember the name of, and was decent. Just incredibly hot and a bit pricy (what in SF isn’t pricy), due to us being seated by the oven and poorly ventilated.

Stopped by the “Birds of a Feather’ Community meeting thingy, albeit a bit late, but hey.. Free Beer! Woot!

My afternoon sessions I am attending are:
Flex Workflows with Flash CS4 Professional
Next-Generation Flex Skinning

If you are here at MAX come say hi, I am walking around, as we are also recruiting Flex/AS3 peeps especially for RapidNinja (Site coming soon!! I’m working on it!! ..until then you can contact Ajay ( for any inquiries.

Thankfully our hotel (marriot) has a Starbucks inside.