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360|Flex Unconference

360|Flex Unconference

So I unfortunately, only got to spend one day at MAX in LA this year, however, it was good to see a few sessions as well as few friends. Spent lunch on the 3rd day talking about MVC frameworks and a few other geeky moments. Javier Julio and the two masters of the 360|Flex realm (Tom Ortega and John Wilker) sat down with Marc Bir and I for a bit.

One of the sessions I attended was the Open Source Media Framework talk. I was glad to hear some of the adjustments that were made in the new version, especially since I plan to leverage much of its awesomeness in my little Togimedia project.

Some new things in the Flash Player were of course probably generating the loudest buzz. You can view some of the newest updates Adobe TV. Coldfusion 9 was released to much of the Coldfusion fans delight. The keynote on Monday probably generated the most applause from Flash being able to be used for the iphone. Sort of.

With Flash CS5, Adobe has made it able to compile a Flash project to Objective-C aka the iphone OS. This is fairly exciting since there has been news lately that that many other platforms will be carrying Flash Player 10 soon, as well as Android. So perhaps a Flash Developer will soon be able to deploy applications, etc for both mobile OS’s while maintaining the features of the swf to be used for the web. Amongst the news of the Flash to iphone coverage, Adobe also slipped in some news that soon there will be a Flex Mobile Framework available as well. Nice, more toys to play with.

Flash Builder beta 2 was released as well, with some improvements, and hopefully more to come.

Some of the sessions,etc are available here on Adobe TV if you missed out. I look forward in March to 360|Flex as that will be my next stop in San Jose.