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I hate watching the news, I hate reading the news. Unfortunately, its unavoidable to listen to.

Ahmadinejad (Iranian President) was on TV speaking at United Nations, and mentioned how the 1st World powers (or bullying countries) are losing their power in the world. An event of course that he favors because of his complete disdain for America and other countries like Israel.

I can’t say I blame him, even though I don’t like his intentions, or his professionalism.

A $700 Billion dollar proposed bail out is being debated with in congress currently to come to the aid of the wealthy people whom cannot run their companies, such as Morgan Stanley, AIG and others that I am too lazy to name. I currently work for a company, where I am getting pink-slipped next month. There have been some insanely bad decisions made in the mortgage/financial industry, and its not ending any time soon.

There are a bunch of wealthy people who are far to wealthy for their own good. I don’t call that living the American Dream, especially when your decisions of your company or how you are receiving so much money is hurting the rest of America.


I love the notion to pursue happiness, many of us forget that American slogan. Do you know what it means? It means work your ass off, nothing is owed to you. Stop whining and get to work. Make better decisions, not just for yourself but for those around you and your family.

Americans glorify media figures that love to wallow in their money, expensive posessions, sculpted bodies, modified bodies, and partying.

But we forgot to work. By work I don’t mean just going to your 9-5 job every day and earning a paycheck. I mean by doing our own part in developing others around us, our families, and our community. Our country isn’t going to get any better by us standing by and clubbing all day or smoking weed, and hoping someone else will take care of the work. My money says that next guy is too lazy or too worried about his own initiatives to want to do the extra work it takes to improve themselves and those around them.

I think its garbage how many people drool over glamorous things and gluttonous ideas, however, they will do nothing to ensure that others around them are learning, bettering themselves financially, and improving on their own morals.

I still think a lot of people have forgotten their morals. And I don’t mean elementary words like “my mommy said if I don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. I mean the common courtesy of being a human being. The loyalty to be held within one another, to bind each other for better trusting and productive relationships.

America is dying, and its dying because of its people. The American people control who represents them, and makes the hard-nosed decisions for them (hint: he’s called the president). Have you thought about that?

George W. Bush represents us.

Feel even dumber now? Understand why the rest of the world holds so much hate for us?

I am not trying to write a blog post to entice more people to get out and vote.

I am writing a blog post to have more people recognize that they need to be more responsible for themselves, and their actions. The CEO’s of the big companies that the American tax payer is going to have to spoon feed $700 Billion to save those companies.

It’s almost so simple on how we need to act to repair our economy, our environment, our own families.

A good example is looking at the code of the samurai (Righteousness, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honour, Loyalty ), no its not gimmicky, its simple rules, that a lot of people forget, or a lot of people claim they don’t forget. Whatever.

Loyalty is underrated, and I don’t mean just being loyal to your spouse, think about it.

The American people have become fat and lazy. Fascinated by the next gadget that just got smaller, and looks excitedly glittery. Infatuated with the need to have their bodies looking ‘model-esque’ to feel more confident and content with themselves. Here is a hint, wearing less clothes isn’t going to make you a better person.

I looked at my daughter tonight, one of the thousands of times I love to watch her during the day, and I got scared. As I watched the news, and saw what we are further becoming, my heart stopped. One day, I won’t be here, it may be soon, it may be later, either way, I got scared thinking of what she is going to have to deal with, what she is going to have to fight with when I am gone, and I won’t be able to help her. So I have to do something, and I am, there is much work for me to do, but I need her to continue what I am about to do. Perhaps other parents share my worry, the need to know that my child will be ok, and will excel. I just have to make sure there are the least amount of obstacles in her way.

Think about it tomorrow when you are getting you coffee, sitting at a computer, going out to lunch, going to bed. Think about our situation, and our position in the world. Think about how much work needs to be done, and how much the next person needs to step up just as much as you. Think about what you need to do. I am not an advertisement in a newspaper, or on TV that is telling you this.

This is real, our planet is dying. Our Planet is dying. Our economy is shot, and is only going to get worse unless something big happens, by our hand. America is dying, and what are you going to do about it?

Probably nothing, right?

And while you are texting your friend tomorrow something ridiculous like “OMG did you hear Clay Aiken came out of the closet” .. you will probably forget to think about everything I mentioned previously.

… And you still won’t get it.