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You already know today was historic, I don’t need to tell you that.However, pray tonight. President Obama has a mountain in front of him. As much hope as he brings this nation already, and around the world, he will need angels on his side. He needs us to help.

We need to do our part as well and not just hope things will get better, and the American government will heal all wounds. That won’t happen, and isn’t right. Obama will bring leadership, and is our icon to meet with the rest of world leaders, as well as our economic issues head on. However, its us that has to also follow in those footsteps and be up to the challenge, to dispell laziness, and discouraging obstacles and get moving.

I like many others was handed a pink slip lately.I worked for Citigroup (in the mortgage division) as a programmer, and although my transition to another job hasn’t been difficult. To many others it is, and we need to help.Watch the inauguration speech from Mr. Obama again on TV. Follow President Obama’s stance that our lives will not sway, but will grow stronger, and develop a stronger nation for ourselves, and a stronger relationship with those around us in other companies.

I think its amazing how much hope and motivation Obama is bringing already. Just him standing in the middle of the Capitol, being sworn in, you could see a sigh of relief. This isn’t the end of bad days though, this is only to say we have a real ally in a fight to what we must accomplish.

We need to set an example to improve for each other, for our children, and repair our reputation and show the world why we are the greatest country in the world.

All I can say tonight, personally is…..

Thank goodness.

Also, my brother from another mother, Tommy O’Connor, has finished designing a new poster for Vanessa Schulz as she is looking to do a documentary film for “Lost Dogs” which will be taking place in Chile. She is also currently looking for funding for the project. If you could help, that would be great! If you are in the Portland, Or. area she will be holding a fundraiser, be sure to check it out.