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FlashCamp this past Friday was cool, albeit loud from all of the people who weren’t listening to the presentations so continued to talk loudly in the back.

Anywho, more demonstrations on the new Flash Catalyst as well as Flash Builder (Flex 4). We were interested in the Data Services integration, however, it was all RPC based, still cool though. The language they used of course was CF, however, it was pretty nice to see how Value Objects could be easily imported into Flash Builder.

We were given a little preview CD of Flash Builder, and am playing with it as we speak. Flash Catalyst had a pretty extensive demo, with comps from Illustrator being exported, the imported into Flash Catalyst. Following, effects to buttons, and states were applied, and then exported for Flash Builder. Looks pretty solid, however, could Flash Catalyst been somehow, simply a plugin for the Flash IDE?

Flash Builder looks much more polished, ala FDT-esque. Stronger code completion with event handlers, etc being added if wanted.

A few photos of Marc and I in the Adobe building during the event. If you care =)

Togishi Marc Bir

A quick trip up to the bay was nice. I love the cooler weather, and many thanks for my buddy Pete (one of the braniacs at Ribbit) for allowing us to bother him for the day. We were starving coming off the plane so we made a stop over at Thai Basil (Thumbs up).

A shirt we received during ‘camp’ as well:

Photo taken by Mike Chambers