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So today I ran into the little issue of the PopUpManager not fully positioning a component where I wanted it to. Especially since the click handler was inside of another component with in the Application.
Anywho, here is some sample code to show you how to get through that little bugger:

private var someComponent:SomeComponent;

private function createPopUp(event:MouseEvent):void
someComponent = new SomeComponent();
someComponent = SomeComponent(PopUpManager.createPopUp(DisplayObject(Application.application.parentDocument), SomeComponent, true));

If that helps anyone out there, great. I have been spending a lot of time working with PureMVC, and think I am finally getting the hang of it, Finally.

Alot of stuff going on, and to come on the horizon for myself and others. I have been especially tired of course because of having my brand new baby girl, but I don’t mind waking up with her at all, shes beautiful, and my fiance and I are blessed with an adorable baby.

In other news, and as if it hasn’t been covered enough, Ribbit was bought by BT for a cool $105 million. I wish I could have even a slice of that, but I have a friend that does work there so I am sure life is hectic for him.