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So it’s been a busy last few weeks. Where to start? Well, lets see..

I am currently sitting as Creative Director for OneScreen, Inc.. I will let you read up more about the company. I am still working at RapidNinja, as Marc Bir is the CTO for OneScreen, and I am the CD and trying to give that company the biggest boost we can.

Registered a few domains, and need to start learning iphone development, finally have some ideas! Other than that not much on the work front, other than will update you when things get released. I really need to get my portfolio ( back up to start showing some things off that I’ve been playing with in terms of Flex and UI. Although, I really do need to dive into Flex 4 =X

Which reminds me I will be at FlashCamp SF at the end of the month with Marc Bir and Peter C (from Ribbit). Be sure to wave.

Went wine tasting last month in Solvang/Santa Barbara, and to the actual wineries, not just sitting around in town. In fact the sister-in-law sent us home with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Lincourt Wineries:


Anywho, did simple things here and there as well, like taking my baby daughter to the beach for her first time. She kinda liked the sand, wasn’t the biggest fan of the cold water however, but she had a blast in the sun otherwise.

Laguna Beach