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Today was good, started off my day kinda late in listening to a session given by the Adobe Flash Engineering team on Flash CS4 and some new features. Font handling is a lot better, and will probably get some attention to further detail in the future. A new site for some of the features was released,

Had a good lunch with Marc and Justin Everet-Church from Adobe.

Checked out a couple more vendors and signed up for Ribbit’s developer platform (your welcome Pete).

Speaking of Pete, he is in the process of creating a little plugin to help codeformatting in Flex Builder… sweet!

Last session was a Deep Dive into Adobe’s new product Cocomo, interesting and potentially huge product, which everyone seems excited about. Didn’t get in the run for the box of free shirts that was made available.. didn’t want to get trampled.

Finished off the day at Thai food with an ex-coworker, Marc, Pete, Dan and I.

Back home tomorrow.