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Vanessa at 21st Paradigm is going back to Chile soon, you can follow her updates as usual on her blog at I am going to do my best to give her a hand at a fundraiser towards the end of the year for her new film Lost Dogs, of which I am also currently developing a site on for more information (

If you have, or know of any venues in the OC/LA area, please let me know, as well as any entertainment, food, etc that we could provide, as I am hoping we can help her a ton with all of the expenses for her project on making the world more aware of what is going on.

Earlier today she emailed me and told me that:

“To draw awareness to the crisis in the shelters there – kill rates are at an all-time high because of foreclosures and people giving up their animals. And then Schwarzenegger put out a proposal (still to be voted on) that reduced minimum hold time for animals brought in to shelters from 6 days to 3. Then they’re killed. Savings: 0.1% of a 24 billion dollar deficit.”

Insane, please get in contact with me at akonitanaka[at] if you have any interests or ideas.


Lost Dogs

Also, 21st Paradigm is now on Twitter and Youtube.