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A new site has been deployed for 21st Paradigm’s newest film to be released soon Lost Dogs, go to This site is a grand push to bring to light about the issues that are happening in Chile concerning stray, neglected, and homeless dogs. The numbers of these dogs are insane, in terms of not being cared for. Especially after the recent disasters that they, and the rest of the Chilean population have had to endure with the recent earthquake and volcanic eruption.

Please read more on how you can get involved in helping these dogs, as well as dogs in your own community. If you are able to, a donation helps with the completion of the movie and please spread the word as much as possible. Movies such as The Cove, has shown to be truly effective and inspiring to those who are wanting to act on the travesties that are occurring around us. We really appreciate your support! For the dogs!

Lost Dogs Film