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Just Saw this

Crazy stuff, and to think that it feels like only yesterday that I was doing design proposals, and online e-commerce proposals for them (I am a former designer/JSP dude from pacsun).

Amazing, I didn’t agree with a lot of political crap that went on there, and there were a lot of casualties from that company.

However, if you have read my blogs before, I am not particularly keen on some of the Surf/Skate/Snow Industry’s business owners. Some (which I will not mention here) have the professionalism of a 2 year old, and most eventually have to sign over their mom and pop t-shirt business’ to a corporate company because they can’t handle the business any longer.

Nor can they properly communicate and work with employees for that matter.

Anywho, I do wish all the best, and I think I still have a few people that I remember still working at PacSun, and I wish them the best. As I do for other people like Tim (who is now and has been at, O’Neill), his wife Betsy (whom will shoot me over my poor grammar in this post), and my old Manager Glenn Wilk (whom I haven’t talked to in a while, but suspect is doing well).

Am done, just random thoughts and memories, sometimes I miss them, sometimes…