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Weekend was good, got to spend it with friends, and of course my lovely gf Piseth.

Friday night we were at Chronic Cantina for Mary’s Birthday, which was cool. I had never been there before, and it’s in Costa Mesa in case you haven’t either.

 Saturday we went to the Kiis FM Homecoming Concert. Seth, Makaret, Alyson and I attended, and saw the likes of Timbaland, One Republic, Gwen Stefani, Nicole (from Pussycat Dolls) and Fabolous. Sean Kingston was on stage too, but wasn’t that great, I thought he was not doing enough singing and far too many gimmicks to hype the crowd, although Fabolous did the same, just not as bad.

After the concert we headed over to some bar in Huntington Beach called Atlanta’s. Seth and I danced a bit, and was getting down when Michael Jackson’s Thriller came on. Other than that not much to talk about there.

 Sunday was errands, shopping, and cleaning day.

 Monday back to work.

 Also for the few people that have asked, day light savings time is this weekend. We will be setting our clocks back an hour.

 It’s almost 9AM here at work in the OC and it still seems a bit darker than usual outside.

 Wednesday is Halloween, and will be out trick-or-treating in full force with Tidah and Calista. Tidah will be sporting her new TinkerBell Outfit, and Calista is going to rough people up with her Mulan costume.

 I posted some photos from this weekend on my flickr account: