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Professional Background

Founder of Kuromatsu, a platform to keep sports participants connected with their teams, dojos and community. Kuromatsu is currently position to assist the judo community in 2019 as a valuable resource to help grow the sport founded on the values of the samurai. With the respect and being able to train with the opponent in ‘The Gentle Way’, Kuromatsu aims to increase judo’s outreach to local communities as a strong resource of not only martial arts but for camaraderie and remembrance of traditional values.

Designer and Developer for over 20 years which began at Pacific Sunwear, and continued onto other corporate entities such as Citigroup, O’Neill and the environmental software company, Locus Technologies. The professional journey then lead to eventually being involved in multiple start ups such as Compellon and DocMatter. During this part of my career I have also worked with countless large and small companies as an independent designer and developer. The culmination of learning has inspired to not only build the company that is Kuromatsu, but to be able to utilize it’s outreach to have a positive effect on communities.

Blessings have been encountered as well, while being extensively involved in Hackathons with Omega Ortega LLC. Albeit we have won accolades for our mobile application creations, having actual emotional impacts on their pinpointed users has been astounding, and reinforces our will push for well rounded human centric design. Some of the hackathons we have participated in are Sears, Novartis, HLTH Hack, BNP and Salesforce.

Aspirations to assist the Long Beach Japanese Cultural Center, and Long Beach Judo Dojo is a delight of mine to strengthen the community and spread respectful and important values. You will read even more of the thoughts I have on this topic in the Japanese American Activism Articles Section.