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A Political Voice of San Diego

I was honored to be able to work for one of San Diego’s best non-profit organizations. Politifest is Voice of San Diego’s annual family-friendly festival featuring community booths, activities, music, food and a beer garden.voice_of_san_diego

About Voice of San Diego

Voice of San Diego is a member-based nonprofit investigative news organization that gives concerned citizens the tools they need to engage in important conversations about their community. We are unlike any news outlet in San Diego because we dig deeper to uncover the truth and devote the time necessary to turn the chaos of news into a story people can access and understand.

We believe concerned citizens are the true Voice of San Diego and it’s their collective voice we represent in our honest and irreverent approach to reporting. We are building a community of educated San Diegans who dare to ask tough questions and demand answers. Join our community and Raise Your Voice by becoming a member today. Find out more now.


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