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I have been given a pink piece of paper to leave my post at my last company… if you dig deep enough, you will know who I worked for… ie. in the mortgage division.

Anywho, I am now the Flex Developer/UI Person/Designer for RapidNinja, LLC. ( My official title is RIA Squarepants… awesome. Codenamed “Togishi”.

Anywho, for any Flex, Flash, Design, Application, Development, etc. work hit them or I up, and you will be taken care of wonderfully.

Also, I am planning on separating this blog, and keeping it for personal reasons, as I do tend to do a lot of ‘firey’ speeches on it, and will be reopening a new space for my work and professionale blog at Working on it but its on the back back back back burner currently.

I will be at Adobe MAX in San Francisco this coming week if you would like to say Hi, have a beer, or discuss whatever it is that seems interesting.

My little girl just turned 4 months a few days ago, and is growing so fast. She will probably be taller than I soon.

Peace out!