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First of all some of the names you may see in my portfolio doesn’t necessarily pertain to what I am about to talk about, so please let me clear that air up primarily.

It pains me to see some business’ taking up bad design and development to get shopping cart and a company presence online. I understand price can always be hard, however, I am sure there are quality studios out there that are more than happy to work with them, and for them.

There are a handful of decent sites for the Skate/Surf/Snowboard/Wake industry that are out there these days, and with the web progressing as far as it has, it would be nice to see that industry progress as well. It pains me to see how a few companies really hurt themselves by not doing their research on a proper design/development/marketing firm that can really do wonders for them, insead of simply opting to have their nephew who knows a little bit of html do it.

Take some time to improve your business as the online community is getting extremely large, and with the next generation all being subjected to computers and the www world the day they get into diapers, its only going to get larger.