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So I am currently teaching once a week at a middle school in El Monte. The web design class I teach, is something I have done now for about 2 years, and its been great getting to know and working with the kids.

However, something painfully apparent is the lack of updated software and hardware for these classrooms. Although I know this is happening throughout the nation and the world, I obviously can’t help that far… yet. Anywho, I have been teaching to design with Photoshop elements, because of course the lack of funding is predicting what can and cannot be purchased. Some students have also told me that the other schools that they attend (the class I teach is a special class for students whom excel in the district), that they do not even have something as close as Photoshop Elements, which can still be painful in itself.

This little issue is a small blip on the entire educational radar, however, it is a piece of the industry I am focused in. Hardware is of course always a problem, and as much as I would like them to all sit in a full Macitosh’d pimped classroom, its a bit expensive. I wish I had deeper pockets.

However, if there are any companies out there that would love to help, please get in touch with me, and I can get you in contact, and perhaps coordinate something with the schools, or school districts on what we can do.

Alot of these students are extremely bright, and pick up things quickly, and unfortunately they need better tools, and just tools period to be even greater. I hope a lot of companies realize as well, that some of these kids maybe working for you some day, and perhaps we can help with their computer-literacy cultivation.

I was even thinking of perhaps proposing a Adobe Flex class in its place, as the Flex Builder for students is free these days. While I have flipped through flash sites, or even told them the high level architecture on a simple youtube player, you can see these kids eyes light up, and begin to realize what potential the right tools in their hands can bring.

It just sucks. Gotta think of something.