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It’s being released, and everyone here is ecstatic! Nov. 18th, at The Vault Nightclub in downtown LA, come join us!
Admission is free if you hit the ‘LIKE’ Button on The Big Juicy’s Facebook page (see what we did there). Big thanks to my friend Jason Lee, and his partners at Reflective Productions for providing the venue and evening. Also, BIG thanks to a few people who helped put the beginnings of the site together in terms of photoshoot, modeling, project managing, wardronbe and makeup. Shout out to my wife Pisith Tanaka, my sister Amy Tanaka, Dawn Kleinfelter, Tony Docuyanan, John Crispo, Leslie Sudekum, Sam Mann and Samantha Cornette.

Facebook event page:
The Big Juicy Facebook Page:

Time: 930PM til close
Location: The Vault
801 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

The Big Juicy is a design services and desktop/web/mobile apps/ideas company which has been assembled to help individuals, families, small and big businesses. From Branding, to development and social intitiatives, we hope to give companies, and even individuals an even greater identity to its customers, and even individuals.

Hope to see you there!!!