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Being the workaholic that I am, I found it increasingly frustrating to see individuals, and small businesses getting the help that they should have in design and development. I have the desire to want to touch all aspects of a layout, or how improve on some sort of user interface, but not having the 500 hours in a day to be able to take care of all that I would like. I also have a ton of talented folks that I work with off and on, that are freelancers, or consultants, and need a huge boost in working with fantastic clients.

I wanted to create my own, a business that is starting out as a company meant to help other companies with all things mobile, print and especially web, but also be able to expand into it’s own products eventually. So, finally, I wanted to be able to let people know that the work, and products that were going to be released from this company was going to be huge, and it would look so well done, that it would almost be delicious to the eye.

Therefore, as part of my blueprint of a first business, I created a business in an area that I knew well, thrived in, and was known for. This business was also built with the intention to help others that I knew did good work, and giving them a shot at working with great clients, and having fun doing it.

Hence, I give you… The Big Juicy.