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Looking at a few job postings, I notice a lot of places are looking for Flex/Java or Flex/.Net hybrids. Interestingly enough, I am from the other side of the fence.

I went to CSULB for design, worked as a web designer, then developer (more front end), moved over to heavier Flash, and then eventually to Flex. These days I try to market myself as more of a Flex/UX person as that is more of my forte and the direction I like to work in.

This last year has been rough, and all started as myself and many others were given a pink slip from Citigroup (residential lending). However, I will recover, just frustrating that it takes this much time.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to post newer work (NDA). However, there are a few ventures I am trying to begin (ie. TogiMedia), as well as a place where my sister/brother and I can post some special projects at

Still doing a lot of non profit work as well for 21st Paradigm, which is also the focus of an event/fundraiser we are planning to throw the first week of September.

Good times.