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Yesterday, I saw a little girl standing at the door steps at a church with her father in Venice. They were both homeless. That bothered me to no end, as the little girl was about the age of my daughter. I can’t imagine not being able to see that little girl happy, and her parents living comfortably, all with a roof over their head.

Today, I saw great photos of my little girl, playing at the park, blowings bubbles and having fun. It breaks my heart to not be around her more and always having to be so busy. It bothers me like crazy to not be able to see all of the little moments that she creates with her smile, voice, or silly dancing.

I saw a post from Mark Horvath on twitter: “Sandy just called me. We all met her last fall broke my heart. A mechanic ripped her off & she no longer has a car”. I remember seeing this post about Sandy, and that bothered me. Someone so obviously competent, having as hard of a time as she was, but unfortunately normal in this economy. Not knowing the full story, but interested in knowing why the officer that gave the $400 citation to a homeless woman, didn’t have time to stop and see if he can locate some help for her. Disturbing.

It bothers me that this happens to good people around us, and a lot of cheeks get turned. It makes me pay even more attention to detail, to be able to create a good living situation for my own daughter, so she won’t have to ever experience such things. However, that other little girl I saw yesterday with her father, I wish I could do even more to help.

It bothers me that I haven’t done enough to help yet. I hope my daughter is able to look up to her daddy someday, and take notice of what I have done, something positive, and continue to build. I know she will do well, my little girl who loves to blow bubbles.