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Last night I had received the email below from Mark Horvath (nonprofit: He is launching a new effort on his war on homelessness, by creating a site for the homeless. This will enable the homeless to be able connect to services as well as help educate about what their world is like. Please take a look, and I want to say that Mark continues to do a fantastic job!

Hi everyone,

Tonight I will be launching We Are Visible

The focus of this site is to give the power of social media to homeless people that we all take for granted

Here is a press release for more info:

Really need to get the word out to homeless service providers, social services, faith-based organizations and public libraries

On the “Be Seen” page there is a printable flyer

Here is a direct link to the flyer

I have promo cards people can order and distribute. They are at cost. It’s a great way for anyone to help in their own community

I placed a few images on the net for use

I included this short note a homeless woman left on the We Are Visible Facebook page

Most importantly we need to be listening to the #wearevisible tag on Twitter and the We Are Visible Facebook page as we build a support community to help hurting people

This really is exciting!

It’s really all of you that made this happen and I am grateful.


// Mark Horvath
Chief Evangelistic Officer, Do-Gooder and Loud Mouth