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The 21st Paradigm crew, small but passionate, has been wanting to do an event in the LA area for sometime now. There has been numerous events to promote, and help fundraise for the Lost Dogs movie in Oregon, but we need to reach a larger audience.

The production of this type of movie is professional, it takes time, and it’s expensive. We are hoping to fundraise to help production along, and get this film in front of the world as quickly as possible, however, we have our outreach programs that have begun as well. We even have an adoption page for the Chilean community, and numerous dogs have been adopted already!

If you haven’t heard what this movie is about, please see the Lost Dogs site, as well as the trailer posted below:

We need your help! The dogs need your help! We are not only using this movie to bring attention to the issue that is happening to Chile, but also hoping that we can make a difference locally. At the event, we are pleased to have the SPCA LA President, Madeline Bernstein, join us, as she gives a brief overview of the SPCA’s mission in LA County. This movie is aimed at helping to educate, adopt, and stress the importance of spaying/neutering.


21st Paradigm (501 c3) is promoting an LA fundraiser for a documentary about homeless dogs.

In production, LOST DOGS ( begins in Chile, where a “hero dog” made instant YouTube fame by risking his life to save another dog hit on a highway in Santiago. LOST DOGS is the story of Chile’s street dogs, their extraordinary methods of survival, the derision they face and the tireless activists who protect them.

Anthony Tanaka, 21st Paradigm’s designer/coordinator, is putting together the event to help raise funds for the film. We hope you will join us for what will be an inspirational and eye-opening evening with the film’s producer and director, Vanessa Schulz. She will show a sneak preview into the film and will be joined by guest speaker, Madeline Bernstein of SPCA LA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). This event will be catered and have a cash bar!

Sunday, December 5, 2010, 5-9pm
Where:Location: The City Club on Bunker Hill
333 S. Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Why: Your support will help make a film to shift paradigms and give animals a voice
How much: Free
Contact: Anthony Tanaka

Please contact Anthony if you have any further questions
View the trailer and read more at <> / <>