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As of today, there are 25 days til Adrianna’s scheduled birth, and I am ready. Well ready as can be.

I have devoted myself as of late to work, to make sure things are comfortable, and in hopes that Adrianna will have a nice welcoming. It has been tough, will only get tougher, but I both can’t wait until things get even better.

I hope I can teach Adrianna all she needs to know to get through this world, to get through life. Honestly, its horrible out there right now. From the political games that are ever progressing to insane new heights of hatred in our leaders, to the economy becoming a burden that is tremendously unbearable to many out there, a good example is gas prices, and food prices. I hope Adrianna understands patience, patience to know that good things come to those who wait, and work hard. One of my favorite quotes that says it all (from an uknown author):

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working. ”

I keep working, it hasn’t always been the easiest, and like Scott said, I have been to hell and back and have t-shirts for everyone. I, like many others, have encountered friends that have come and gone, relationships where there was sourness thrown at me, and tough to keep everything you need in front of you. However, I have too much pride.

My dad and mom didn’t have it any easier, so I remember what they went through, and I translate it to making sure my kids never have to deal with anything harder, than what they have to.

Adrianna, I will be your greatest shield and the first person to always wanting to see you smile, and be happy.

25 more days to prepare myself, and figure out how I can further push Adrianna to be cold towards adversity, to be angry at inefficiency, to be ignore those who try to stop them from being great. 25 more days until I begin to instill her how to be humble and always remember that things could be worse, and that her elders will always be watching them, as they have sacrificed and fought through much to get them here. Humility is a great teacher, when it’s lessons are utilized in the proper manner, and she must learn from our elder’s history.

I, and we need to change things, the world is bad, but we aren’t doing anything to make it better. Time to close our eyes, and remember there are more things to life than money, expensive cars, partying like irresponsible maniacs, and ourselves. We have forgotten.

And this is something I hope I can teach my daughter, this is something that especially my own blood will be able to accomplish, and I have faith that she will.

She will understand, not by me forcing her too, but because of the love, relationships, and experience she can learn from family and myself.

I love you Adrianna (coming July 9th).

My daughter will do what I wasn’t able to.

My daughter will be better than I .

I just know it =)