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A mobile application release, that we have highly anticipated to be an extremely well received game. Maximo, a stellar 3D team, approached me to assist in the design for the menu and user interface. How can I say ‘no’? This application is available in the iTunes app store from Mixamo.


Discover the first 3D animated charades game for mobile! Challenge your friends and family through Game Center and Facebook to guess the hundreds of Charades performed by our colorful characters! Be a part of the Charade Parade and play for free now!cp_itunes


Start multiple games with Facebook friends or Game Center competitors at the same time

Choose from a bunch of fun 3D characters

Tons of play time with hundreds of Charades available! Add more characters and charades to guess by downloading additional Charade Packs

Get hints to help you guess when you are stuck

Enjoy playing Charade Parade on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, all iPad models and iPad mini

Choose between challenging a friend through Facebook or Game Center, or play a random match

Pick which Charades theme you want to try

Use the letter tiles to spell the name of the Charade being acted out as quick as you can!

Take turns between you and your friends to determine the ultimate Charade Parade champion!

Site: Charade Parade

Get it here: