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Green Long Beach!

Environmentally Driven Green Long Beach! need a site to reinvigorate their online information hub. The stock market has been pretty wild, the economy is down, and people aren’t able to give as much as they normally could. They are one of those nonprofits that thrives on feeding information to people to steer for a greener life. Green Long Beach!, like everyone else, needed some help in these tough times, and The Big Juicy wanted to be there to not only help the website get a facelift, but give it a massive beautification boost, speed and bolder marketing pieces. We felt that this organization has some real promise in continuing its mission. Green Long Beach!, a part of catalyst community, will support a green Long Beach by bringing together individuals and organizations for promoting environmental awareness through:

  • environmental education and outreach,
  • community gardens and green spaces,
  • green jobs and training,
  • the annual GreenLB festival,
  • and other environmental based community needs.