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The Film’s Journey

LostDogs_SubA dog captures the world’s attention by performing a death-defying and heroic act. The incident, caught on surveillance camera in the capital city of Santiago, uncovers the epidemic problem of Chile’s homeless dog population. While exploring the world of Chile’s street dogs, “Lost Dogs” uncovers a social movement propelled by extraordinary people who, against enormous odds, consistently endeavor to rescue and protect the dogs. Their struggle demonstrates the power of compassion to transform society, turning betrayal into redemption.

Produced by 21st Paradigm, The Big Juicy needed to make sure this site was pushed to the fore front with a herculean effort. This site for the nonprofit organization was built to reach out to those who loved the canine community, and wanted help the ones in need down in South America.

With the site launch, 21st Paradigm were able to gain a great amount of followers on their Facebook page, as well as consistent traffic on the site. People interests became piqued even further on the movie that will be released sometime in the Spring of 2012. The ‘LOST DOGS’ online experience assisted in bringing to light a growing problem in the Latin Americas.

About 21st Paradigm

A way of thinking for the 21st Century that respects the intrinsic value of all life – that is, the right of other life forms to exist regardless of their instrumental values to humans. Not only the pretty birds but also the predators and reptiles, the ugly and unloved have a right to be left in peace, to exist not only for the pleasure and health and instruction of humans but for their own sake.