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Times are rough, people loan money out, even for the smallest of purchases, and would like to get some retribution. With this little application, it is now possible and in a comfortable, fun way. This application is available in the iTunes app store, and was coded by Omega Ortega, LLC. We partnered with Omega Ortega, LLC as we pushed out the designs, and created what hopes to be a useful mobile application for everyone. An app to make sure you get paid back when someone says, “I’ll pay you later.” Use this to take a picture of the moment and send reminders with that image until it’s paid back. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drink, a meal, an invoice reminder or anything else you can take a picture of. This is a fun way to ask what’s not always a fun question of “Hey, can you pay me for that one thing?”



Pay Up Sucka in the App Store