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What is Yuru? A snippet from

Every day you have questions, problems, and dilemmas – issues large and small. You’re not alone!

Years ago you may have written to Dear Abby, but nowadays you might scour the Internet looking for help. More often than not, the information you’ll find isn’t entirely helpful, and it definitely isn’t specific to your situation.

Yuru is here to change that.

We’re more powerful together than we are alone. Yuru delivers helpful, crowdsourced advice right at your fingertips. It’s like having a guru with you always – right in your pocket!

Advice, the way you want it.

With Yuru, you’re always in complete control. Ask your question publicly, or, when you need advice on a more personal, private issue, ask anonymously. Yuru’s fun features, quick polls, signature categories, and helpful filters allow you to choose who you hear from and how.

Advice has never been so fun!