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“Amazing” is one of those words, when it is applied to something or someone that it should hold nothing but the utmost connotations. “Amazing” has been applied to words in a song commemorating our country, or even a fictional superhero inheriting the powers of an arachnid. However, the word “Amazing” is a trigger of something deeper, it has taught me “amazing” can be too loosely applied, and “amazing” just isn’t good enough.

I will, however, give an amazingly big smile to the adventures in which life puts you through. Turning into overwhelming wonder of what is real, what can be trusted and what will happen tomorrow. Even this year alone as seen many new challenges to fight through and endeavor, it has been a test of mettle. Hearing whispers of being broken from all things that have established themselves as mental demons is a label I have fought continuously, not just within myself, but from the minds of other people. I believe I can label myself as more of someone that has been left unbroken, and even though I have written about Crossfit previously and how it has been a catalyst for me to grow and realize even more of my potential, I will say I found even more beyond it.

IMG_2620The Crossfit community has been nothing short of amazing, however, you do develop a notion that it is the strength that you draw from the community to improve on your goals both mentally, physically and even emotionally. I had made a promise, that I would compete in my first crossfit competition this past June 21st, to test what I had built up inside of me for the past 10 months since beginning crossfit, and to let out any lasting sentiments I held inside. Along side of a few other competitors from the gym, I went at it against guys almost 12-13 years younger than I. It didn’t matter what my placement was. It was something to prove, even if I didn’t see it as ‘amazing’. I surprised myself in one of the events being cardio as I was able to mentally block everything out that was burning in my lungs, asthma became something I scoffed at momentarily, and I held only a few memories of faces in my head that pushed me.

I beat myself, I beat the person previously that was labeled ‘amazing’, and proved he wasn’t ‘amazing’ enough and perhaps still isn’t, but I won that day because I finished (well except for double-unders, but that’s a different story).

What’s your point Anthony? Well, I suppose I really don’t have a clear and concise one, except that this will lead to you wondering when a bus may hit you.

What crossfit has taught me, and opened up my eyes too was to push yourself even harder than what you had previously defined as ‘pushing yourself. Preparation for this competition, and competing in the competition has inflicted it’s welcomed lessons. Being able to pick up the bar, even when you don’t want to is probably one of the most mentally challenging aspects of not only crossfit, but life itself. This is where my point begins to be made to this digressing post.

A community of people is only as good as the person you choose to be, and reflect within that community. To be open, trusting, loyal, loving and genuinely excited 10616205_10204261517836551_7208403865996374342_nfor those around is you can be epic for the group. Crossfit has combined all of this. however, there is something deeper that I have had to learn as well away from CF. Kind words, and the cheers you receive are only as good as you choose to accept them. This is something that I continue to work on while stepping up to the bar. As a community of people, even outside of crossfit, there needs to be an understanding of being reckless with one another. To be able to smile genuinely with one another, love one another, support one another and the affirmation of excitement for those around you. This is simply because we ostensibly have no idea, when the proverbial bus, or train may be coming, and if we may get hit with its immense power. Moments when we could have shown elation toward one another or simply someone special may be allowed to become diluted with life’s other attention pulling events. The attention to each other to improve, forgive and support one another with full authenticity is something that needs to continue to evolve not only within the crossfit community, but within one another in our own personal relationships.

Because we never know when that bus is coming.

Perhaps when we see that flowing from one another where we can express feelings of euphoria freely in the outside world as much as we do within a crossfit box…

…well, that would be… “Amazing”, and we relish our new found label that can be applicable as being “#unbroken”.