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This video should tug at the strings within your heart, and if it doesn’t then you probably don’t have any blood circulating throughout your body.

Please Watch.

Amazingly horrible. 16 million kids in the United States alone are having to live in poverty. 16 MILLION KIDS. 16 MILLION KIDS. 16 MILLION KIDS. 25% of homeless will be children soon. Kids are going to sleep tonight, with their stomachs growling and from not being able to eat are having trouble sleeping, and concentrating in school. This number needs to stop.

For some reason our political banter, and crappy legislation takes precedence over these kids being able to eat, and attend school with being able to simply study under electricity.

If families become homeless, we can’t expect them to split up when their strength of being able to fight through their hardest times comes from them being together.

It annoys the living crap out of me that issues of this manner don’t become more prominent over ipad news, or Charlie Sheen melt downs. Apparently becoming a father myself, has raised my eyebrows even more to issues such as this concerning children.

Children should be entitled to eat, children should be entitled to a good education, without us, or our government getting in their way negatively. There are some trying to change this, and I do need to get more involved.

Again, a friend by the name of Mark Horvath continues to push towards his goals of ending homelessness, and with his nonprofit at he is creating true change. Mark’s birthday is in a few days, and he has 1 wish, a wish to ask for donations to help further his mission to seeing people, and families off the street, if you have some spare change, please consider donating (

Seriously, we whine that our leaders are not as bright as they should be, not enough compassion is invoked, and every action from them is politically motivated. Could this be a direct result of crappy education? The same type of education that is being thrown at our children today? Or is it crappy education in terms of the morals of being a human is not being learned properly.

My fingers need to do more than just type code, and design when I am on a computer. Those actions alone aren’t helping. I can’t stand to see another child homeless.

16 million in poverty. How can you live the American dream when your neighbors whom are honest, hardworking people, are in such ruin emotionally, mentally and physically? I find it fascinating that people whom are more concerned with their pursuit of happiness in massive amounts of money, tend to invoke religion into their arguments for justifications of moral values.

I grew up in Lutheran schools. I don’t always agree with the church, but I can cite from The Bible. To quickly point out, there was a point when Jesus went to church along with his disciples. They saw a man give a large amount of money, and a woman that gave a little. However, Jesus smiled most heavily upon the woman whom gave a little, for she had given all that she could have possibly given of herself.

Do you religious types, who believe millions of dollars in your bank account is a right think that the Son of God would smile down on you? I believe church is meant to help others on top of the religious teachings, and it is meant to uplift community. It is not used to collect money from members to make prettier stained glass windows.

We have women struggling with kids, and looking for help, whom even turn to technology to help them sell products to simply fix their transmission. To those of you who are in hard times, I know help is on the way, and there are people that care, my hope is that even more people will start to care. In our darkest times we should be helping one another to persevere through the crap we have created for ourselves. We owe it to our children, as they should not be suffering for our mistakes. My daughter’s smile reminds me every day that I can’t leave the world someday, without at least trying to make a dent on the issues that are causing problems. I can’t leave her to fight alone, without her daddy doing the best he can to give her the best opportunity to become great, and to feel safe in her own home.

Please watch this, twice even and tell me it doesn’t make you want to get up and ask why the hell is all this going on and for what?

Human’s do unreasonable things, yet we pride ourselves on being the most advanced species because we can reason.

Thankfully there are people out there that are hardly normal.