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It’s no myth that, unfortunately even in the United States that the people up top push the people that are lower on the financial pole. It’s upsetting that men in this country tend to covet the power of labeling themselves as CEO, or successful entrepreneur. Yet, I see these positions as strong examples of being a beacon of leadership, and in my personal opinion leaders don’t cultivate followers into more followers, they strengthen others to be leaders as well.

Albeit, Apple became large. Steve started small from a garage

There are plenty of inspirational quotes, motivational essays, and songs about becoming successful from every perspective to pique the nerve of those who need verification or an extra push to bring their ‘dreams’ to fruition. Unfortunately, simple words whether they be sung, spoken or read aren’t always enough. They can be posted on facebook, shown on instagram or preached by a world leader. Yet, we still have so many talented people in the United States that are left with forward thinking ideas that are never built to be the prosperous innovations that they could be. Innovative isn’t exactly a label that is associated with the United States anymore, in my opinion. We do have a few businesses that are changing the technology landscape on the backs of their workers, but the smallest businesses that could perhaps even more of an impact are out shown because of equity and ideas falling on deaf ears.

These are the same ideas that parallel presidential campaigns. A presidential candidate whom belongs to either a democrat or republican party tends to have a greater advantage then those who may not have the extreme financial backing of those in the to aforementioned parties. This is where the public loses, not just in politics as we cannot hear the ideas of those with a smaller campaign bank account. All though todays internet makes the information on these less known candidates more easily available, banner ads to their sites don’t have either enough real estate, or the average American is probable too lazy to see who else may be in the running.

Going back to the parallel of politics and business, and reiterating that this is where the United States public loses, small businesses is what the United States economy was built on, originally. Regrettably, larger corporations touting better benefits for lemming type of hours began to take over, and smaller businesses took a shot to the stomach (amongst other reasons, which I won’t get into).

Anthony, what’s the point you are trying to make? My point is that too much talent is being overlooked, or never able to be implemented in the first place. I have a good amount of friends and or colleagues that have an exceptional amount of well rounded ideas, and aspirations. However, whether it be a financial obstacle, a family responsibility or simply the motivation to be aggressive; the United States is missing out on a surplus of beneficial ideas. I’ve had conversations with friends on what they want to get done, and tell me of their hinderances; and can’t help to wonder what if? I don’t have a plethora of solutions to help in making their ambitions become reality, however I do know as a country we need to refocus on true talent and not on marketing, banner ads, and negative rhetoric used to steer you into another direction. However, as I am one of those that have initiatives that I want to build, I do know that to my friends, colleagues, and to those of you reading this that we need to support one another, and incubate one another. Building a network of assisting in building foundations to give everyone a fair chance at succeeding in bringing to the public a better product, is probably our best bet in jumping up the ladder.

Incubators and investors (angel or not) may be wonderful resources to help those that want to get started, but I believe this landscape needs to be modified a bit as our economy, businesses and therefore country will begin to work better as free entities for whom the consumer will see better products and positive competition between. This starts at the school levels, collaboration and simple ideas of team work and drive that push students to do better. The teacher and the rest of the educational machine is meant to cultivate, and the concept of this should be carried throughout the rest of life.

The United States won’t become the best in the world again until neighbors are willing to help neighbors. Although I am not suggesting everyone should be working for free, but be open to receive ideas, and offer possible plans of support if possible. Once the United States can get over the negative competition persona of greed is when we will feel empowered again. Capitalism can be a wonderful thing, but not when its used to hurt the public by envisioning negative outcomes without a certain brand, which spills into politics.

This needs to change if we want to see change, harmful competition has spilled into personal vendettas between families and friends, neighbors and colleagues. We can’t win with these types of attitude. So what are you ideas on changing this? What else would you say to those who want to persevere with their own proposals?

Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records.
Ward, William A.

We need to become good listeners again, and not just automated, programmed recordings meant to reply with suggestions that aren’t in depth with meaning. A strong focus on ethics in ALL things we do first, and apply that to your work day and interactions, we could become the best again.